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Alpacino Scarface 2012

Tony Montana, a Cuban crime man, will have to escape from his place and settle in Miami. Starting to work here under the command of the drug lord Logg...

N/A IMDB Rating 10 Views
Casino 1995

Watch Casino, Watch Casino full, Watch Casino Turkish dubbing, Watch Casino HD, The events of the city of Las Vegas in 1970's casino owner Ace has bee...

Director: Martin Scorsese

Stars: Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci, James Woods

8.2 IMDB Rating 10 Views
Rwanda Hotel

In the year 1994 in Rwanda, a great genocide took place in front of the eyes of the whole world. However, the whole world is content with looking at t...

Jurassic Park 1 1993

Dinosaur blood extracted from a fossilized mosquito gives scientists the opportunity to recreate dinosaurs with DNA. Dr. Hammond develops dinosaurs ba...

Director: Steven Spielberg

Stars: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough

8.1 IMDB Rating 9 Views
L.A. Confidential 1997

Watch Los Angeles Secrets, watch Los Angeles Secrets full watch, watch Los Angeles Secrets Turkish dubbing, watch Los Angeles Secrets hd, After 1950, ...

Director: Curtis Hanson

Stars: Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, James Cromwell

8.3 IMDB Rating 8 Views
Heat 1995

Neil McCauley is a professional thief who, with both his instincts and his superior intelligence, succeeded in successfully dodging all kinds of crime...

Director: Michael Mann

Stars: Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer, Jon Voight

8.2 IMDB Rating 12 Views
Incendies 2010

In the movie nominated for the best foreign film Oscar, twin brothers Jeanne and Simon want to send their mixed roots to the Middle East as a mother's...

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Stars: Mustafa Kamel, Hussein Sami, Rémy Girard, Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin

8.2 IMDB Rating 13 Views
No Country for Old Men 2007

Living a quiet life, Moss decides to go on a deer hunt one day and gets on the road. However, seeing the moment of the drug deal near Mexico during th...

Director: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

Stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Woody Harrelson

8.1 IMDB Rating 9 Views
How to Train Your Dragon 1 2010

Watch How to Train Your Dragon 1, Watch How to Train Your Dragon 1 full watch, How to Train Your Dragon 1 Turkish dubbing, Watch How to Train Your Dra...

Director: Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders

Stars: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera

8.1 IMDB Rating 10 Views
Die Hard 1 1988

Die Hard 1 watch, Die Hard 1 full watch, Die Hard 1 Turkish dubbing watch, Die Hard 1 hd izle, Die Hard 1988 watch, In the hard death series starring ...

Director: John McTiernan

Stars: Bruce Willis, Bonnie Bedelia, Reginald VelJohnson, Paul Gleason

8.2 IMDB Rating 8 Views
Aladdin 1992

The young Aladdin, who is a wallet thief by living from the streets, has no friend other than the monkey brother. One day, princess Jasmine, tired of ...

Director: Ron Clements, John Musker

Stars: Scott Weinger, Robin Williams, Linda Larkin, Jonathan Freeman

8.0 IMDB Rating 11 Views
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 1969

Butch, Kid and Hole in the Wall are the leading men of this gang, who formed a gang for themselves. These three friends have their own distinct charac...

Director: George Roy Hill

Stars: Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Katharine Ross, Strother Martin

8.1 IMDB Rating 14 Views
Inglourious Basterds 2009

Watch Inglourious Basterds, Inglourious Basterds, Watch Inglourious Basterds full watch, Inglourious Basterds watch Turkish dubbing, Inglourious Baste...

Director: Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth

Stars: Brad Pitt, Mélanie Laurent, Christoph Waltz, Eli Roth

8.3 IMDB Rating 20 Views
Requiem for a Dream 2000

Lament for a Dream watch, Requiem for a Dream full watch, Requiem for a Dream Turkish dubbing watch, Requiem for a Dream hd watch, Sara, a widowed wom...

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Stars: Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly, Marlon Wayans

8.3 IMDB Rating 18 Views
Princess Mononoke 1997

Watch Princess Mononoke, Watch Princess Mononoke full watch, Watch Princess Mononoke Turkish dubbing, Watch Princess Mononoke HD, Peaceful in her vill...

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Stars: Billy Crudup, Billy Bob Thornton, Minnie Driver, John DiMaggio

8.4 IMDB Rating 9 Views
Reservoir Dogs 1992

Watch Reservoir Dogs, Watch Reservoir Dogs in full, Watch Reservoir Dogs in Turkish, Watch Reservoir Dogs HD, Watch Reservoir Dogs, A group of very lo...

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Stars: Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Chris Penn

8.3 IMDB Rating 12 Views
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004

Watch it from the beginning, Wipe it from the beginning full watch, Wipe from the beginning watch turkish dubbing, Watch HD from the beginning, Watch ...

Director: N/A

8.2 IMDB Rating 9 Views
Once Upon a Time in America 1984

Watch Once Upon a Time in America, Watch Once Upon a Time in America full watch, Once Upon a Time in America watch Turkish dubbing, Once Upon a Time i...

Director: Sergio Leone

Stars: Robert De Niro, James Woods, Elizabeth McGovern, Treat Williams

8.4 IMDB Rating 10 Views
Hachi: A Dog’s Tale 2009

Watch A Dog's Tale, A Dog's Tale full watch, A Dog's Tale full movie, A Dog's Tale hd watch, Hachi: A Dog's Tale watch, the film that earns itself a g...

Director: Lasse Hallström

Stars: Richard Gere, Joan Allen, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Sarah Roemer

8.1 IMDB Rating 7 Views
Fargo 1996

Jerry is a rogue man who has gone beyond his own height and is dragged into debt. In an urgent need to find money, Jerry is only asking for money from...

Director: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

Stars: William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi, Peter Stormare, Kristin Rudrüd

8.1 IMDB Rating 8 Views
The Wolf of Wall Street 2013

Watch Money Hunter, Watch Money Hunter full watch, Watch Money Hunter full movie, Watch Money Hunter hd watch, Watch The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan, ...

Director: Martin Scorsese

Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Matthew McConaughey

8.2 IMDB Rating 9 Views
Life of Pi 2012

Watch Life of the Pine, Watch Life of the Pine full watch, Watch Life of the Pine in Turkish, watch Life of Pi 2012 watch, Watch Life of Pi 2012, Find...

Director: Ang Lee

Stars: Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Ayush Tandon, Gautam Belur

7.9 IMDB Rating 8 Views
12 Years a Slave 2013

12 Years a Slave watch, 112 Years a Slavefull watch, 12 Years of Slave Turkish dubbing watch, 12 Years of Slave HD watch, 12 Years a Slave watch, This...

Director: Steve McQueen

Stars: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Dwight Henry, Dickie Gravois, Bryan Batt

8.1 IMDB Rating 11 Views
Forrest Gump 1994

Forrest Gump watch, Forrest Gump full watch, Forrest Gump Turkish dubbing watch, Forrest Gump hd watch, forrest gump will have a hard time due to the ...

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Stars: Tom Hanks, Rebecca Williams, Sally Field, Michael Conner Humphreys

8.8 IMDB Rating 9 Views
Batman Begins 2005

Batman Begins watch, Batman Begins full watch, Batman Begins Turkish dubbing watch, Batman Begins hd izle, Batman Begins izle, Bruce Wayne moves to As...

Director: Christopher Nolan

Stars: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes

8.3 IMDB Rating 4 Views
Brave Heart 1995

Watch Braveheart, Braveheart full watch, Braveheart watch Turkish dubbing, Braveheart hd, Watch Braveheart, British King Edward will make a treacherou...

Director: Mel Gibson

Stars: James Robinson, Sean Lawlor, Sandy Nelson, James Cosmo

8.4 IMDB Rating 7 Views
The Godfather 1

The Godfather 1 is a drama film directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The Godfather 1 movie starts from the year the Second World War ended and lasts ten ...

The Dark Knight Rises 2012

Watch The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight Rises full izle, The Dark Knight Rises full movie, The Dark Knight Rises HD, watch The Dark Knight Rises,...

Director: Christopher Nolan

Stars: Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

8.4 IMDB Rating 3 Views

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